Why I’m Running

I am running for California’s 23rd congressional district to bring people together and address the issues in our communities that have been neglected by our elected leaders for far too long. We need a leader who fights for our families and whose primary concern is the well being of our community, not a D.C. political insider who puts his own ambitions and the interests of his party ahead of the country.

As the former CEO of the largest non-profit in Kern County serving homeless families, survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, I have seen what happens when Congress fails to provide our communities with the resources they need. But I know what is possible when we come together. For over two decades, I’ve labored during a rising crisis to tackle some of the most difficult problems in our communities and have helped thousands of the most vulnerable households get back on their feet, find employment and housing, and become independent.

I will bring the same commitment to service and leadership that I’ve had for the past 20 years. In Congress, I will get to work on creating good-paying jobs, expanding access to affordable healthcare and fixing the issues that are holding back our communities. It is time for new representation in Congress.

Meet Louis

Louis is a dedicated community leader and proud Democrat who has served his community for over 20 years. He has worked to provide housing and services for homeless families, survivors of domestic abuse and sexual assault victims. Through his work, Louis has helped over 7,200 households find or keep their homes and build a better life.

Louis is former CEO of the nonprofit managing a homelessness services organization for families and survivors of domestic abuse in Kern County. Under his leadership, the nonprofit grew tenfold and became the largest service provider to homeless individuals, families and survivors of domestic violence in Kern County. They operate three emergency shelters with 240 beds, multiple permanent housing placement programs, supportive services, and clinical care. 

Louis also helped transform the homeless shelter in Bakersfield into a family- and children-serving organization with a focus on housing and supportive services as the solution to homelessness. They provided childcare so parents could work. Louis has helped over 7,200 households find and keep their home, as well as working with homeless people to find jobs. This was possible due to a close collaboration with both the private and public sectors. These jobs have led to people being able to afford their own housing. 

Perhaps his greatest role is that of husband and father. Louis has been married to Kate Gill for 25 years. Together, they have 23-year-old Nolan, and twin 21-year-old daughters, Kiera and Bridget.

Louis has deep roots in the San Joaquin Valley. His Great Grandfather Louis and Grandfather Vernon founded an agricultural business, Gill & Sons. A Cow/Calf Ranch in Tulare County. Louis was raised on a portion of that Ranch after the bulk of the acreage was sold in the late 1970’s.

In 2013, Louis received the distinction of a Senate appointment to the State of California Domestic Violence Advisory Council.  Louis also serves on California State University, Bakersfield’s Department of Social Work Advisory Board.


We know there are far too many issues facing our communities that have been neglected in Congress. Many families in CA-23 are struggling and they are not better off today than when our current Congressmember was elected to Congress. He has served for 14 years with nothing to show. I am committed to solving the biggest challenges by working with anyone who is willing to help our communities. I am not interested in false divisions and I am committed to helping our neighbors.


The lack of good-paying jobs is holding back our families. Many struggle to afford housing and end up homeless. They struggle to put food on the table. And many of our young leaders leave to find jobs in other communities. New technologies and clean energy present important opportunities for middle class jobs that our elected leaders should fight to bring to our Valley. We also need to invest in our young people. We need to invest in both trade schools to meet the growing shortage of skilled labor and in higher education so young people aren’t drowning in student loans and don’t have to leave our communities. CA-23 needs a leader who will fight for more jobs so that families have a brighter future.


We learned just how important access to quality healthcare is during the pandemic. While we have made progress in expanding access to health insurance, Republicans continue to stand in the way of making sure Amercians can afford their health insurance. Americans deserve affordable health insurance because healthcare is not a luxury, it is a necessity.


There are few areas in the country where immigration plays a bigger role than in CA-23. We have thousands of talented Dreamers who live in uncertainty because Republicans want to end DACA. We have farmers who can’t find farm workers to pick the fruits and vegetables on our table. We need sensible immigration reform to provide certainty for our Dreamers, farmers, families and communities.

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